Organic Jojoba Oil

Organic Jojoba Oil is a big trend, but how do you really know you are getting what you pay for?

What You May Not Know About Organic Jojoba Oil...

Many products use the term “organic” loosely in order to gain a perceived market advantage.

What does “Organic” mean?

There has been a lot of interest lately in the use of the term “organic”. What does this mean in relation to jojoba oil?

Jojoba Oil (really a liquid wax) is a product that is produced from crushing jojoba seeds, which are harvested annually from jojoba bushes.  In the early days, they only existed in the harsh deserts of Arizona and Mexico.  You could say that this original wild jojoba was organic as it grew naturally in its native desert habitat without any intrusions by mankind.  The oil was used by the local native tribes to benefit many aspects of their lives.

Commercial Growing Requirements

Over the last 30 years, there has been a tremendous effort to convert this desert shrub into a commercial crop.  It takes approximately three years for the first harvest seed and approximately 15 years for the plants to reach their full maturity and highest annual yield.

There are now commercial jojoba plantations in a number of countries including Australia.  However, to grow jojoba on a commercial scale, most plantations have to use chemical weedicides and fumigate with pesticide sprays to ward off various bugs, which can attack the leaves or flower buds. If the soils are deficient in nutrients, artificial fertilizers may also be used. There have been no conclusive tests to identify whether or not the oil from these plantations contain any residues from the commercial growing process.

Sensitive Skin Requirements

For the past two decades, some customers, especially with sensitive skins or who are more nature conscious, have felt better by utilising only products that have been certified organic.  As with food, concerned consumers feel it prudent to seek certified organic products so as to reduce contact with any pesticide residue.  Currently, personal care products made entirely from certified organic plant ingredients are rare.

LANNI Ultimate Moisturiser is one of the few products available that is made from 100% pure organic material, with no other additives.

Organic Growing Methods

Jojoba is an agricultural product…it evolves from flowers, not a laboratory.  But to grow jojoba organically, dedicated farmers have to virtually hand care the plants, utilising age old, proven natural farming methods and refraining from the use of any artificial fertilisers or chemical sprays.  By their very nature, this additional loving care for the plants can only be carried out with labour intensive methods and great personal care for the land and all the processes utilised.

Organic Certification Programs are designed to verify every step of the organic chain, from the land on which the crop is grown to the production process used by the growers.  Organic farming practices avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers, pest and weed sprays (commonly used on large scale jojoba plantations). There are a number of government accredited organisations in various parts of the world that certify farming and processing methods which adhere to strict laid down criteria in order to be validly described as organic and we only utilise materials that have been produced from these certified organic sources.


Our Mission

We at Premium International P/L (manufacturers of LANNI natural products) have made it our mission to source the finest organic jojoba seeds from a network of plantations that have been established using advanced and patented plant types and operated by reliable growers. With these improved high yielding plant species, developed through many years of applied research, consistent yields can be predicted from one year to the next.  Only farmers who grow jojoba using certified organic practices are included in our network of seed suppliers.

We source only the most dedicated organic farmers in the various growing regions around the world. There are only a relatively small number of these types of operations that are prepared to take on the tough organic growing requirements to earn organic certification.

The Finest Oil for You…Guaranteed!

Furthermore, as pioneers of jojoba in Australia, over the last twenty years, we have developed our own methods of refining and pasteurising the raw oil.  This purification process removes any variabilities that are found in the raw materials and delivers a naturally refined pure product resulting in the highest quality organic Jojoba Oil.  Lastly, the product is also subject to our unique Micron Final Filter to bring you the World's Finest Moisturiser.

In fact, we are so confident of the purity and safety of our product that we provide a full money-back guarantee for any retail customer who may not be fully satisfied with any LANNI product.

So when you buy a LANNI Jojoba product, you can rest assured that you are receiving the finest jojoba oil ingredients in the world …we absolutely guarantee it!

It's simple, it's versatile …and it works.

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