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Why become a Lanni Stockist?

For many years, we have been highly prized by a select group of clients around the world.  Most became long term repeat users who simply can't live without their Ultimate Moisturiser.

As a LANNI stockist you could be one of this select group, allowing your clients to benefit from regular use of LANNI. You will receive handy hints explaining versatile uses for your customers, thus contributing further to the profit base of your salon.

Join the growing family of LANNI users around the world. There is no risk to check it out and a whole lot to be gained.

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Salon Treatments

As you work with LANNI, you will join the growing number of professionals who are discovering that this simple product is opening up a whole new world of highly beneficial treatments.

LANNI provides a wonderful medium for direct applications; it is the perfect carrier for essential oils or simply an enhancer of existing materials.

Feel free to develop your own treatments and remedies for your clients' well-being, or click the Salon Treatments link below for more details on practical applications of the following treatments:

Salon Treatments

Following are a few suggested LANNI treatments that you can adapt for your salon use:


LANNI Ultimate Moisturiser is formulated from a 100% natural compound, commonly known as jojoba oil because of its liquid state, but in actual fact, jojoba is really a liquid wax!  You can see this by placing LANNI under refrigeration - it will solidify - but liquifies again at room temperature without any change to its composition.

Sebum Wax

The most stunning discovery through our University research was that LANNI Ultimate Moisturiser was amazingly similar to Sebum Wax - your skin's own lubricant.  This makes is highly compatible for all skin types and lends itself to an ever increasing array of possibilities for both salon and home uses.

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