Soothing of the skin after treatment


  • Silk like consistency
  • Minimises in-grown hairs
  • Soothes skin trauma


The Ultimate Moisturiser from Lanni


After waxing, pour a few drops of Lanni into the palm of your hand and apply with gentle strokes to the waxed areas.


This simple treatment will provide a significant solution to the problems of skin trauma associated with waxing and all other forms of hair removal.

Because of its deep and quick penetrative quality and the close similarity between Lanni Ultimate Moisturiser and Sebum Wax (our skin's own natural lubricant), fast relief of the skin will be experienced.

As Lanni is totally natural with no preservatives, additives or perfumes, it is suitable for all skin types and minimises adverse irritation sometimes experienced with some chemically formulated products.

Lanni is also excellent for the relief of skin trauma associated with electrolysis.

Home Uses

Recommend to your client for continued use on waxed area between waxing to ensure smooth skin and the minimisation of in-grown hairs.

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