How to add nourishing benefits to you Massage Clients

In the past, oils have been used to provide slippage so that the focus was only on the benefits of the physical massage.<

These oils are either mineral or vegetable and usually need to be washed off the skin after completion. LANNI Ultimate Moisturiser is a unique compound – 100% pure organic jojoba oil – provided by nature and refined by us to bring you the world’s finest moisturiser.

It’s remarkable similarity to sebum, our body’s own moisturiser, makes it compatible with all skin types. Indeed, one of its first uses was in Baby Massage in maternity hospitals. It was found to be one of the few oils that was suitable for the delicate skin of new born babies.

LANNI is actually absorbed deep into the skin providing moisture from within while leaving the pores clear. During the massage, you clients’ skin will benefit from the natural nutrients including vitamins A, D and E, while at the same time, providing you with excellent slippage.

Because of its super fine texture and deeper penetration, you would probably use about 25mls for a full body massage. However, LANNI Ultimate Moisturiser provides your clients with a total skin nourishing treatment so you are really providing an additional benefit!

The material costs of the oil will probably work out at a few dollars more per massage and to this you can have two attitudes:

Either you incorporate the extra cost into the price of your total massage and have the policy of providing only the best materials for the best results, or alternatively, you could give your clients a choice along the lines of : "Would you like the normal massage oil or would you prefer the Premium LANNI massage ?"

As your clients are already willing to pay the costs of a full body massage, most opt for the wonderful skin nourishing LANNI treatment for just a small amount extra.

A growing number of remedial massage therapists are now insisting on using only LANNI Jojoba for all their massage work. They are also enjoying lucrative sales as most clients, after being exposed to the delicious feeling and many other benefits, become happy repeat LANNI customers.

Massage Therapist and Aromatherapist, Hilary Marks says the benefits she gets from LANNI include ease of application, washes out easily, suitable for clients’ home use ("all my client love it and buy it"), non-greasy formulation and good re-sale value.


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